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Are you sure you wanna go with the clown costume? Or why writing is like Olympic figure skating

So I was watching the pairs skating last night, poetry on ice, etc. etc.
And last up come the German pair, who were wearing just the most...interesting costumes I’ve ever seen:

(image from

Striking, you might say. Eyecatching. Well, they were all that and more. But the problem was, the costumes were SO striking that I couldn’t focus on anything else.

“Did you see that triple axel?”

 I dunno…what is up with those CLOWN COSTUMES?

“Wow, they’re so perfectly in sync.”

If you say so…they even  have a BIG BLACK TEARDROP painted on their faces!

What this has to do with writing: 

If you’re writing a novel, especially a novel for kids, please don’t get carried away with your beautiful, flowery, metaphor-laden prose. Just tell the story. Be straightforward, and stay out of the way. Otherwise, no one will notice your characters, or your story. They’ll just be staring at your clown costume.

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