Stacy DeKeyser ~~ Author of books for teens (stacy_dekeyser) wrote,
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Hidden New York, and other stuff

Some people go to New York City for the shows. Some go for the museums.

The next time I go to New York, I'm going here

On other topics:

1. It's the time of year for royalty statements, wherein there was good news and bad news.

Good news: My novel has earned out! This is a very satisfying milestone for me.

Bad news: Apparently my first book, Sacagawea, is out of print. And no one told me except in royalty statement code. Sigh.

2. Am waiting for news on the next book and it's funny how many "waiting"-themed songs have been floating through my head: "Anticipation" (Carly Simon)..."Needles and Pins" (some really old group)...and other (sigh) oldies that I'd forgotten I even knew--until now.

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